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Chandler Construction Services, LLC 
St. Joseph, MI

Chandler Construction Company

With a rich history spanning two decades, Chandler Construction Services has been dedicated to transforming the dreams of countless clients into reality. Our extensive portfolio includes a wide array of projects, from stunning residential additions and complete house builds to captivating remodels, basement finishing, and both interior and exterior construction. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive design and installation services that exceed expectations.

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About Us

Chandler Construction Company

Chandler Construction Services is your licensed and insured General Contractor of choice. Our founder, John Chandler, boasts nearly two decades of construction experience before establishing his own business. His unwavering dedication has cultivated a loyal clientele throughout the Southwest Michigan region. Notably, one of our recent projects was featured in the Southwest Symphony Orchestra Tour of Homes, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our versatility extends to partnerships – we seamlessly collaborate with designers, architects, and homeowners, facilitating clear communication through email, phone, and text, even when miles apart. Whether enriching neighborhoods or erecting commercial marvels, we're here to make it happen.

Our pride rests in the craftsmanship we infuse into each creation. Our guiding principle? No shortcuts unless we're crafting angles. Every structure we build narrates a tale of quality, care, and precision.

Discover the full spectrum of Chandler Construction Services, where custom home building and remodeling reach new heights. Contact us today for a prompt estimate and take the first step toward bringing your dream project to life.

Chandler Construction Services - Building Dreams, Crafted to Perfection.

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We value trust, reliability, and attention to detail just as we pride ourselves on being. Our recommendation for a home appraisal is The Friendly Appraiser.

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